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Hacksmiths is the award-winning student-run tech society at Goldsmiths. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for people from all backgrounds the chance to learn about and play with technology.

We run monthly talks & workshops, hackathons and game jams, a series of a/v gig nights and Lovelace - a community for women and non-binary people interested in technology.

Get involved

  1. Become a member by joining the society via Goldsmiths Students Union. It's completely free. If you are not a Goldsmiths student , you can still attend all of our events for free, but will be unable to formally join the society.
  2. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.
  3. Join our online community on Discord!

Our team

The 2020-2021 team is:

Our events

Each year we run a load of free weekend-long hackathons including Global Game Jam, Anvil Hack (a creative tech hackathon) and Music Hack Day. We also run more regular events aimed at folks with different interests. We announce all events on Facebook.

Also @Hacksmiths on Twitter and Instagram. Email [email protected] if you have any queries about our events (including sponsorship!).

In the press

What people say

"I go to A LOT of tech events in London, but Hacksmiths is, hands-down THE MOST Diverse and inclusive space I have EVER experienced - as an intersectional minority identity (gender, ethnicity, disability) this weekend reversed a lot of damage done from typical mainstream events and uninclusive behaviour over 20+ years.
"From being a complete 3D newbie, I have successfully scoped an end-to-end (open source) 3D printing workflow, and printed my first design! Moreover, I now have reproducible and shareable knowledge in this area."
"I enjoyed working with new people in an open minded and respectful environment. There was a positive attitude from the team running the event which really helped foster a wonderful atmosphere!"
"Hacksmiths explained things really well in a nice simple way. I've been through this content in my course but I feel like this has been an introduction that's helped me understand better."